Imperfect Women Leggings

Super soft, stretchy and comfortable yoga leggings. Unique Design for Athleisure clothes for women. 

Custom Made Graphics. Hand Painted Style Printed active Wear. Italian Inspired Design.

Be Perfectly Imperfect with CliziaShop and follow us for a better way to feel beautiful, confident, and sexy than with a new set of clothes.

BOLD We’ve created leggings you can look great in. 

Whether you go to yoga, to a happy hour with friends or a playdate our products are fitting for every setting.  Clizia is for everyone who enjoys weekends on the road, retreats or hanging out after work, for women who wants to not only look good but also stay comfortable.

It’s for the guy or girl  who’s willing to stand out, to take a chance, and to be bold. 

ACTIVE CLIZIA shop is not for someone who is sitting around. It’s for people who are living their daily life healthy and creatively. 

From trying new workout to new restaurants, our leggings are built to keep up - even when nobody else can. 

CREATIVE Clizia Shop is something new and different based on connections, experiences , art.  From painting on canvas to creating unique leggings for kids, men and women we can offer interesting, unique options that are trendy and in style and that make you stand out from the crowd in the best way possible.

VALUE We couldn’t find products that actually fit our lifestyle, so we created one. Our clothes are the combination of frugality and function. 


“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” Edgar Degas