About Us

Clizia Shop was created by Serena Clizia Zanello during one night of creative thinking, painting and smiling. 

Serena Clizia was born in Italy and now lives and works in San Francisco. 

Merging the world of art, design and architecture, Serena’s work is known for its artistic glamour, creative and innovative vision.

Clizia celebrates imperfection in life.

Clizia is about creating: everything from connections to experiences to art. 

Clizia is about sharing an active and creative lifestyle, made of unique experiences, journeys and friendships. 

Be perfectly Imperfect. Be Bold. Be active.

25% of our sales is going to a no-profit based in Italy called BANTABA who helps integrainting Africans young migrants into their new life through textile and language workshops. 

To learn more about Clizia visit